Tuesday, February 26, 2008

a splice of lyf

what's up homey? i would say i'm back! back to the crime scene. it feels stoned to be reunited with the 'art of words', i would say. my artistic thinking was dominated by reality and my life has to be encapsulized by human responsibility. finally iam startin to learn that life may be balanced. character is hardly recognized if youre drenched deep inside a soup bowl. i just have to raise my hands over and write something on the wind. geeez. seven years in tibet! my younger life were so much engulfed with passion, the more i feel the more clingy iam. experiences have given birth to a lot of estranged feelings, so completely remote. people continue to search for clues but i may have to live by and let live. but here iam standing from the forethoughts that loomed on the existing shadows of life. this climax is yet unbanished and the remnants from my vains ready to spill out. so nice. so clear. so bright. praise Jah for this vindication and the mighty cream puffs.

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pen said...

ahh your back!nicee!
writing is passion slash portal of emotions slash past time slash fun all rolled into one :)
indeed one of the things that i consider as "savior" in my humble world..
go on..weave!!


c u around!